Count Question
53168 be woken up with sex or oral sex by partner
49805 wake partner up with sex or oral sex
42089 have partner give me a sensual massage
40315 be shown what partner likes from porn
39620 watch partner masturbate
37495 have partner be more vocal
36481 have partner talk dirtier to me
36423 give partner a sensual massage
35926 have sex in the woods or in a park
35264 have sex in a car
34105 69 partner
33986 have partner sit on my face as I give oral sex
33923 have partner be rougher to me in sex
33494 have partner strip or give me a lap dance
32596 have longer teasing and foreplay sessions with partner
32417 cum over partner's breasts/neck (pearl necklace)
31278 be fondled by partner in a public setting (restaurant/theater)
30892 fondle partner in a public setting (restaurant/theater)
30361 mutually masturbate
28522 use mirrors while having sex

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