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Level 1, 75 questions. Includes: Vanilla, Toys, Anal Play, Group and Public Fun

Have longer teasing and foreplay sessions with partnerGive partner a sensual massageHave partner give me a sensual massageTake pictures of partnerHave pictures taken by partnerTake pictures of us having sexStrip or give a lap dance to partnerHave partner strip or give me a lap danceFilm ourselves having sexUse mirrors while having sexBe woken up with sex or oral sex by partnerWake partner up with sex or oral sexWatch partner masturbateBe watched by partner while I masturbateShave partnerBe shaven by partnerShave each otherWatch porn togetherShow partner how I like something from porn sceneBe shown what partner likes from pornBe more vocal towards partner during sexHave partner be more vocalTalk dirtier to partnerHave partner talk dirtier to meCall partner obscene words (bitch, slut, whore, etc)Be called obscene words (bitch, slut, whore, etc) by partnerHave sex while on periodRoleplay in costumesWear stocking and high heels for partner during sexListen to romantic music while having sexListen to more aggressive (rap/rock) music while having sexMutually masturbateBe rougher in sex towards partnerHave partner be rougher to me in sex69 partnerSwallow partner's cumCum over partner's breasts/neck (pearl necklace)Cum over partner's face (facial)Have partner cum over my face (facial)Have partner sit on my face as I give oral sexSit on partner's face and be given oral sexUse dildos in sexUse vibrators while having sexWear a cock ring (vibrating/non-vibrating) during sexUse nipple clampsUse sex furniture (such as a sex swing or ramp)Anally finger partnerBe fingered anally by partnerAnally penetrate partnerDouble penetrate partner with me and a toyLick partner's anus (analingus)Be licked anally by partnerHave sex in a carHave sex in the woods or in a parkHave sex in work environment (office, etc)Have sex in front of an outward facing windowHave sex in a place where you might get caughtWatch other couples have sex (live)Let another person/people/couples watch us have sexHave sex monogamously with other couples (don't touch other couples)Include another female in sex (menage-a-trois)Include another male in sex (menage-a-trois)Include another couple in sex (small orgy)Include more than two men in sexInclude more than two women in sexParticipate in an large orgy (more than 4 people)Watch partner have sex with another personHave sex with another person while partner watchesGo to a strip club with partnerGo to a sex or swingers club with partnerGo to a nudist resort with partnerGo to a pleasure resort with partnerthrust my penis between partner's breastsGive partner hickiesReceive hickies from partner


Level 2, 50 questions. Includes: B.D.S.M.

Have a weapon (knife, gun) directed at me during sex (knife and gun play)Direct a weapon (knife, gun) during sex (knife and gun play) Slap partner's face during sex Have my face slapped during sex Punch partner during sex Be punched by partner during sex Use restraints on partner Be tied down or otherwise restrained by partner Pull partner's hair Have my hair pulled by partner Use a riding crop on partner Have partner use a riding crop on me Spank partner with your hand Be spanked by partner's hand Have partner strike me with a cane Be struck with a cane Spank partner with toys (whip/paddle) Be spanked by partner with toys (whip/paddle) Bite partner Be bitten by partner Wear a dog collar with a leash Have partner wear a dog collar with a leash Be submissive for partner Be dominant towards partner Wear hoods or half hoods for partner Have partner wear hoods or half-hoods Have partner act as furniture to be used by me Act as furniture to be used by partner Roleplay rape partner Be roleplay raped by partner Have partner be a submissive brat Be a submissive brat towards partner Have partner be a submissive servant Be a submissive servant towards partner Wear a chastity belt for partner Have partner wear a chastity belt Be a Gorean slave for partner Be a Gorean master for partner Be suspended while having sex with partner Have partner be suspended while having sex Wear a ball gag for partner Have partner wear a ball gag Double penetration by your partner and another manTriple penetration by your partner two other menWear stockings and high heels during sexHave partner wear stockings and high heels during sexHave partner wear a "slave" collar in privateWear a "slave" collar in privateHave partner wear a "slave" collar in publicWear a "slave" collar in public


Level 2, 50 questions. Includes: Various advanced topics

Receive more oral sexGive more oral sexHave more spontaneous sexMake porn togetherPeg partner with a strap-onBe pegged by partner with a strap-onUse a flavored lubricant during sexUse an 'enhancing' lubricant during sexUse a personal lubricant during sexBe forced by partner to taste yourselfForce partner to taste themselvesBe forced to go down on another person by partnerForce my partner to go down on another personWatch my partner engage in homosexual sex actsEngage in homosexual sex acts in front of my partnerBe forced to perform sex acts on another person by partnerForce my partner to perform sex acts on another personEat food off my partners bodyHave my partner eat food off my bodyInclude someone we know in sexInclude a mutual stranger in sexMake more eye contact during sexHave sex in athletic positionsHave sex while my partner is partially clothedHave sex while I am partially clothedHave a phone sexExchanging nude/sexual picturesStraddle partner while masturbatingHave partner straddle me while masturbatingShave, trim or wax myself for partnerHave partner shave, trim or wax for meKiss partner's earsHave partner kiss my earsKiss partner's neckHave partner kiss my neckRoleplay as teacher and studentRoleplay as strangersRoleplay as if you were cheatingBe masturbated by partner until orgasmMasturbate my partner until orgasmBe masturbated over partner's lapMasturbate partner over my lapCum over partner's bellyHave partner cum over my bellyCum over partner's assHave partner cum over my assGive partner oral sex while on my kneesHave partner give me oral sex while while kneelingWatch partner give me oral sexHave partner watch me while giving oral sex
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